About Premier Interns

Premier Interns is a Premium Career Counseling & Advisory Service.  

We match Quality Students with Business Mentors – Safely & Securely.


The Need is Real.

High School and College students need work experience so they can begin their career journey.

It can be tough to get those early opportunities to gain much-needed experience – students find themselves competing with older workers for even entry-level jobs.

Securing internships has issues as well – students end up on LinkedIn or Job Boards – again mixed in with older workers.  

With younger students, parents can be genuinely concerned about their teen putting detailed information about themselves on the internet without any privacy protection whatsoever.

Our Solution Works.

Premier Interns is a service designed for students and parents to make it easier to get work experience and to protect the privacy of younger students at the same time.

Premier Interns ensures students are better equipped to present their qualifications and accomplishments to potential employers.

The website offers an easy-to-use, personal profile and resume builder designed to showcase academic accomplishments, skills and interests, athletic activities, artistic portfolios, and community service.

Your custom online profile comes with a custom, password-protected URL for the student and is also downloadable, so that it turns into a sharp professional-looking PDF resume for in-person job interviews.

Our Program: 

A great-looking resume is helpful, yet even more importantly, getting the interview is critical and that’s an area that makes Premier Interns so valuable.  We offer student our “Meet-4-Work” job matching and introduction service so students can go on more interviews.

Meet-4-Work has an 85% success rate for getting job seekers into meaningful conversations with employers.

That means a student will get more opportunities for paid and unpaid internships, and project work to build up their work experience.

Premier Internships offers Monthly and Annual Memberships – sign up today to begin your career journey.

With over 85 years of professional experience, the Premier Interns Executive Team is dedicated to advancing today’s talent and tomorrow’s future workforce.


A Premier Interns Certificate is a terrific gift for students and businesses.

Premier Interns Gift Certificates are customized with name, signed and assigned a unique code.

Ideal to download / print – or we can mail them (express mail also available).



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