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Learn how Premier Interns connects students and businesses together – students need valuable work experience and business mentors to get projects done.  


Schools  |  College & HS Students

>  Colleges, Universities and High Schools view Premier Interns as higher-quality students.

Our students stand out when applying to Colleges, Universities, for Scholarships, Grants & Financial Aid.



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>   Build your Resume and Custom Profile.  See Jobs, Projects and Apply – No Online Applications.

Our Resume Library shows you how from start to finish – it’s easier and smarter than you think.

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>  Signup.  Post Jobs & Project Work.  Sponsor Interns to Get the Job Done.

Full-time or Part-time, Paid or Unpaid – Projects.  Premier Interns are Ready to Work.

Parents  | Get Started Today.

>  Select a Plan.  Our 1-On-1 Coaching gives you and your intern a running head start.

Parents like Premier Interns because our Profiles are Password-Protected, Safe and Secure. 


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